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Written by on 16th April 2019
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Going on your first surf holiday? Not sure how to prepare or what to expect? Look no further this handy blog is a few handy time on how to best prepare for your surf holiday.


Get to know your surf kit


You wouldn’t jump on a plane without knowing where it was heading to, the same can be applied to the sport of surfing! Before jumping on your board it is best to learn a little about surfing and what the sport entails. This will not only make you feel more confident but will help calm any nerves you may have. Learning what leg your leash goes on and knowing what size board is suitable for your level; all these things will set you up for a relaxed, confident approach to your surf holiday.


Prepare to learn and to learn a lot!


Surfing is known as one of the most complex sports to master, though looks easy, don’t let crystal clear oceans and white sandy beach lead you into a false sense of relaxation and tranquillity, surfing is hard. FACT! It is a lot of trial and error with balance and coordination as well as learning how to paddle correctly and all the little techniques that go with learning how to surf. Surf holidays are the perfect way to progress your skills and to make like-minded friends. A surf holiday is the perfect place for surfing to become your life (well at least for 1 week) and we can guarantee you will leave feeling accomplished and refreshed.



Get to know your destination


Knowing where the best surf spot is for your ability is one of the most important factors of booking your surf holiday. Researching different spots and breaks can really mean you get the most out of your surf holiday. There is no point booking a surf holiday with reef only breaks if you are a first timer and likewise you don’t want to be stuck in a crowded beginner line up if you have been surfing for years. So do your research.


Think about who is on your trip. Are you going alone? With your family? As a group of mates? Picking the right country and surf house can make or break your surf holiday, so make sure you have thoroughly researched before heading off. Look for reviews, ask friends who have already been or browse surf forums for advice and recommendations on where you should jet off to next.

Surf Ethics/Rules


Like most other sports, surfing has rules and pretty strict ones at that. Known for its chilled, relaxed vibe you wouldn’t necessarily combine the words strict and surfing however there are a few rules that need to be followed carefully to ensure everyone is safe and having fun. The written/unwritten rules of surfing shared all around the world, so to keep the friendly vibe and to ensure you don’t cross the locals follow some of these basic rules (there’s probably a few more!…) :


  • Right of Way. The surfer closest to the peak gets priority.


  • Don’t Drop In


  • Don’t Snake


  • Don’t Get in the Way


  • The Furthest Out Gets Priority


  • Do Not Throw Your Board


  • Communicate What Will You Do



Don’t take your trip too seriously


There is such a thing as too much planning despite what this blog might tell you. Half the charm of a surf holiday is the unknown and spontaneity. Don’t plan too much, making new friends, doing new things enhances your experience and will allow you to make most of your ‘once in a lifetime’ trip. Try and eat at different places each day and dare yourself to try something new each time.


If you can, take each day as it comes and try not to say no, (within reason, obviously), to really make the most out of your surf holiday try booking at least 5 days as you will need this to improve on your surfing as well as exploring the town.  



I hope it is safe to say that you will take some of these helpful tips from this blog post with you on your surf trip and if you haven’t booked a surf holiday in which to put these tips into practice, get on and book one now! For more information or to book your surf holiday please contact us on

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