Where to go surfing in September and October?

Written by on 4th August 2016
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September and October are awesome months for surfing and it’s prime surf season for mainland Europe, with the best locations being in Northern Spain, South West France, West Portugal and South Portugal. All of which will offer nice warm weather and plentiful waves. You may also get away with just surfing in shorts on those hot days as the Atlantic has had all Summer to warm up and October sees the World Surf League come town in France and Portugal. Bonus!


Allegra surfing in her bikini in Northern Spain in October!

As we head into Autumn it is also a good couple of months for Morocco in Africa, or the Canary Islands as the slightly bigger swells of the North Atlantic in September and October start to fan down this far. It’s also early season, so you’ll get the best deals on surfing holidays and the line-ups will be thin.

Anchor Point 2

Anchor’s doing its thing, PC Surf Maroc

Across the Globe the waves don’t stop in Bali, Costa Rica although they are experiencing their low season. This doesn’t mean a lack of surf, you can expect empty fun-sized waves, but it does guarantee low season prices and you will definitely surf in board-shorts!

Or you can head out to the East Coast of Sri Lanka and score some of the sickest waves of your life, like this one…


Sri Lanka in the off-season. PC Sion Surf

All in all, these are great months to hit the waves, so get amongst it!

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