Surf Fitness Workout of the Week – Twist Planks

Written by on 5th January 2016
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Happy New Year folks!

Time to get on it and smash out those workouts! This week we have an advanced version of the plank called twist planks. This not only helps work the stabilisation of the core but throughs in some dynamics too. This is how you do it:


A. Start in a side plank position

B. Extend one arm up to the ceiling so you are side on, balancing on one hand – this is the position you will return to after each repetition

C. Bring your extended arm down and guide it through under neath your torso

Extend arm back up to the start. This is one repetition.

Repeat this 15 times then switch to the other side.

Chuck it into your workout like this:

                                      Repetitions      Sets      Rest
Balance                       30sec                  1           0min

Frog Squats               30sec                  3-5       1-2min

Kick Outs                   30sec                  3-5        1-2min

Plank                           30sec                  3-5        1-2min

Bear Crawls              20ft                     3-5        1-2min

Balance                       30sec                  1           0min

Lunges                        12                         3-5        1-2min

Twist Planks            15                           1              1-2min

Pop Ups                      10-15                   3-5        1-2min

Sprints                        20 meters          10         15seconds

Balance                       30sec                  1           0min

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