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In every work out regime there is an exercise that is dreaded but is needed. For me this is it – sprints.

There are very few people who enjoy this, however it is great for building up the CV system, which in turn will help build lung capacity for those hold downs and for cardio endurance on long paddle outs. So try this simple exercise based on H.I.I.T training (High Intensity Interval Training):

  • 10 sets of 25m sprints with 15 second active rest

Active rest would be walking around between sets rather than sitting down, because you don’t want your muscles to relax, so just gently and slowly walk around until the next set. If you want to be a warrior then you can do these on a hill or sand dune.

                                      Repetitions      Sets      Rest
Frog Squats               30sec                  3-5       1-2min

Kick Outs                   30sec                  3-5        1-2min

Plank                           30sec                  3-5        1-2min

Bear Crawls              20ft                     3-5        1-2min

Lunges                        12                         3-5        1-2min

Pop Ups                      10-15                   3-5        1-2min

Sprints                        20 meters          10         15seconds

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Merry Xmas and see you in the new year!


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