Surf Fitness Workout of the Week – Pop Ups

Written by on 15th December 2015
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So now you should be flying through your routine. This week we have a simple but crucial exercise the ‘Pop Up’. Strength exercises are fantastic and a vital part of progression but you can’t beat the old saying, ‘practise makes perfect’. The Pop Up is a great exercise and a more specific variation of the burpee. Adding good explosive upper body power, cardio and builds up muscle memory.

Here’s how to do it properly:

  • Start laying flat on the floor hands close to your ribs as they would be on the board
  • As you push up arch your back slightly
  • Once you have extended your back, swing your hips and legs through so you are in either the regular or goofy stance
  • 10-15 reps each side
  • 1-2 minutes rest
  • 3-5 sets

Or watch this video here:

Each session try to speed up the movement so that over time your pop ups in the water will become faster enabling you to progress your surfing.

This is how your routine should look so far:

                                       Repetitions      Sets      Rest
Frog Squats               30sec                  3-5       1-2min

Kick Outs                   30sec                  3-5        1-2min

Plank                           30sec                  3-5        1-2min

Bear Crawls              20ft                     3-5        1-2min

Lunges                        12                         3-5        1-2min

Pop Ups                      10-15                   3-5        1-2min

It may look quick and easy but I challenge you to give it a go! Leave any comments in the box below.

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