Surfing in Newquay, Cornwall – is it any good?

Written by on 22nd July 2014
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There are plenty of surf camps, surfers, surfer wannabes, surf shops and surf schools in Newquay, but is the surf in the little Cornish town any good? It’s just weak waves and fat closeouts isn’t it?

Well no actually, it isn’t and we think it deserves the self proclaimed Surf City of the UK status. Granted, the crazy storms over the Winter smashed the coastline to pieces but it also created some fun new sand banks and waves.

Actions speak louder than words so we’ll let this collection of shots from Luke Gartside taken a just stones throw away from the towns top hedonistic hotspots.

Here’s to the #TR7Superbank

Newquay_surf_1 newquay_surf_2 newquay_surf_3 newquay_surf_4 newquay_surf_5 newquay_surf_6


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