Kelly or Mick – 2013 World Title Showdown at Pipeline

Written by on 14th December 2013
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The World's most famous wave the Banzai Pipeline

The World’s most famous wave the Banzai Pipeline

This has to be  one of the most eagerly anticipated days of competitive surfing in ASP history.

If Kelly Slater wins this year’s Billabong Pipe Masters with Mick finishing outside the top 3, Kelly will take a record breaking 12th ASP World Title. Will that then be it?

Slater has 6 Pipeline Masters titles to his name, however if Fanning makes it to the semi’s, then there is nothing that the world greatest competitor will be able to do.

There are no easy draws on the WCT. Fanning goes up in the first heat of the day against CJ Hobgood, a competitive veteran with plenty of pedigree surfing out at Pipe.

My Prediction

Whilst I hope that Kelly takes the title, my prediction is that CJ will take down Mick in round 5,  Seabass will edge out Kelly in the quarters and John John will take out the Pipe Masters title for 2013 landing Mick his 3rd world title.

The swell is in the 10-12ft range. The world is watching..

It’s about to go off!

Go Kelly!!


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