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Written by on 3rd October 2013
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Still got some holiday to use up before Christmas?

With the nights  closing in and the temperatures dropping here in the UK it is all rather tempting to snuggle up underneath a duvet and wait for summer 2014. Over these winter months we will doing our best to keep you up to date of where we recommend you escape to get your fix of sun sea and surf

It is always at this time of year that people realise that they actually have more precious holiday time than they orignally thought. With the end of the year now just 3 months away, now is the time to get onto using up that last week of holiday fast! Leave it too late and it will be Christmas and the moment has gone.

morocco 07 lucia griggi (63)Your boss can’t complain either, their tan probably still hasn’t faded from the 3 weeks off they had over the summer whilst you held the fort risking near heat exhaustion during what seemed to be a never ending heat wave in Britain this summer.

Portugal is still got plenty of warm weather at this time of year, particularly the Algarve, the surf down there is often  pumping at this time of year too. A surf holiday in Lagos is always one to consider! We love it down there.

Morocco has for sometime been a favourite, you know what you are going to get, dry weather, a unique culture and right hand point breaks. We have spent a good deal of time meeting with our Moroccan partners over the summer and we have got some fantastic packages on offer. Thanks to flights with Easy Jet (Love em or hate em) a surf holiday in Morocco is an extremely affordable option.

What about the Caribbean? For those looking to travel further a field, Barbabos is about to come right back into its prime surf season. Beat the rush and get over there early. Barbados is definitely our pick of the pre Christmas family surf holiday destinations right now. A surfing holiday in Barbados is definitely one to get over excitedly happy about!!!

Closer to home, we hope you have been making the most of all the autumn swells that have been pulsing through. Admittedly they did keep us waiting until lateSeptember, however they are here now. The SW has been alight with clean swells and off sure winds. There is more on the way next week too. Just how we like it!!!



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