The Errant Surf Guide to Morocco

Written by Errant Surf on the 16th November 2018 in Surfing, Travel.

Morocco is an amazing country. We may be a bit bias due to the world-class waves you can find up and down its coasts, but Morocco is a country that is simply dripping with culture and enough things to see

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Costa Rica is the place to go for sun sea and surf as soon as 2014 hits! #escapewinter

Surf the Mentawais

Written by Errant Surf on 12th November 2018


Dotted off the Western coast of Sumatra, the Mentawai islands are home to some of the worlds best waves. Ask any surfer and the Mentawai islands will definitely be at the top of their must surf list. Boasting year-round swell,

Surfing Destination Alert!

Written by Errant Surf on 24th October 2018


New Errant surf destination… Introducing Australia Errant Surf is pleased to announce that we have a brand new location to share with our customers! Probably one of the best-known places for surfing, Australia has everything you could want, warm blue

Surf Travel Series – France

Written by on 5th March 2018

Among many other reasons to make it the perfect summer surf holiday destination, Southwest France offers hundreds of kilometers of largely uninhabited beach, famous for punchy sandbars and its incredibly consistent barrels.  You’d be hard pushed to find anywhere else

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