5 Ideas For Travelling With a Surfboard

Written by Errant Surf Travel on the 7th February 2018 in Surfing, Travel.

There’s nothing worse than arriving on your surf holiday, collecting your boards from the airline, and seeing a giant ding in one of them.  The waves are firing and you’re stuck doing a repair job to a ding that wasn’t

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Costa Rica is the place to go for sun sea and surf as soon as 2014 hits! #escapewinter

The Fix

Written by Errant Surf on 15th October 2016

It’s one of those nondescript community buildings, a once proud edifice now run at minimal cost by the council, decorated in cheerless shades of grey and beige, a feint whiff of floor cleaner mixed with cheap coffee gives it that spooky, public building smell, overly jolly posters for the W.I add the only dash of colour.

Surfer Slang

Written by Errant Surf on 25th August 2016

If you’ve booked your surfing holiday with us, you will be able to walk the walk, but with the help of this Surfer Slang page, you’ll be able to talk the talk. So have a read, revise, master the vocals

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