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Morocco – All The Boxes Ticked For A Surf Holiday

Written by Max Hepworth-Povey on the 14th February 2017 in Surfing, Travel.

There’s a short and simple check list that quickly throws together the basics of the ideal surf holiday. – Price – Food – Surf – Accommodation – Culture – Weather Any surfer knows that if you can balance those 6

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Costa Rica is the place to go for sun sea and surf as soon as 2014 hits! #escapewinter

The Fix

Written by Roger Sharp on 15th October 2016


It’s one of those nondescript community buildings, a once proud edifice now run at minimal cost by the council, decorated in cheerless shades of grey and beige, a feint whiff of floor cleaner mixed with cheap coffee gives it that spooky, public building smell, overly jolly posters for the W.I add the only dash of colour.

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